Kenny Cheeburger 2010

We first want to thank everyone who participated in the events surrounding the first anniversary of losing our beloved son, Kenny.  We are looking to the future in how we can help the millions who suffer with the stigma of mental illness.  October is Suicide Prevention Month and we are supporting AFSP (American Foundation on Suicide Prevention). They will be holding walks "Out of Darkness" throughout the country. We are also gearing up A.I.R. "Attitudes in Reverse" by encouraging our high schools to participate in mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  We will be moving into a full web site.  Keep watching in the coming month for more information. You can also find us by typing "Attitudes In Reverse" on Facebook. "Start the Conversation to Save a Life." (TM)

Kenneth Silas Baker had a short life with a long purpose. He was loved by all, athletic and smart.  Just weeks before graduating from high school he took his own life. Kenny suffered for many years from a severe case of anxiety which led to a difficult life fighting the physical and mental pain of anxiety and the resulting horrible depression.  We, his family, tried everything possible to help save Kenny when he was diagnosed in March of 2006.  However, through all our efforts, we were not successful in helping Kenny.  He succumbed to his illness on May 19th, 2009.  We want to remember all the good Kenny did during his all too short life while working to help the millions of teens who suffer from mental illness.  The stigma currently associated with mental illness must be removed and an aggressive effort must be set forth to help our youth.  Suicide is currently ranked third behind auto accidents and homicides.  However, experts estimate 50% of teen auto accidents are in reality suicides.  Assuming this estimate is true, suicide would be ranked the number one killer of our teens.

We want to Reverse Attitudes and Eliminate Stigma while promoting an open dialog concerning mental pain and suicidal ideation. Please join us in our effort to help. God Bless!